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    Re: New Gazelle Professional Laptop Thread

    Early morning update... (aka Dear Diary)

    Well, I fully charged the battery last night, after fully discharging, powered it up, and the little battery indicator stated that I had right at 2:15hrs remaining. Well, actually it said I had 1:42, then 1:58, and finally stopped at around the 2:15 mark. However, now that I have been using it (internet and wifi only, at full brightness), it states that I have about 1:44hrs left. Hmm...

    Also, I was greeted with the message: system running low on graphics (or something like that), before fully booting. It wouldn't let me start up unless I chose an option (such as, open in boot mode or in low graphics mode), however it wouldn't let me choose any option - either by trackpad or keyboard. I had to force shut down, and power back up. Doing so got me back in, but soon after I was in, I received a system message again wanting me to report my error. I did so, and then it acted as though I'd have to restart in order to diagnose and continue. Yet, it did its reporting, and let me continue without further notice. So, I have no idea what is going on. I haven't made any changes to the system, only downloading official programs through the store, and using none just yet.

    As I watch my battery life dwindling faster than I can type this quick reply (it's down to 1:25 now), coupled with errors and my other qualms, my somewhat being satisfied comment above is turning to a feeling of being somewhat dissatsfied. But, it's still early, and perhaps I'm being too picky. Though, this keyboard noise is kind of getting on my nerves (as is the smell of warming plastic)...

    More as it develops.
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