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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04 slow wifi Sitecom WL-181XR (RT2860 Chipset)

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    Smile Ubuntu 12.04 slow wifi Sitecom WL-181XR (RT2860 Chipset)

    After upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 my wifi turned out to be terribly slow. I spent quite some time trying to figure out what was wrong. Mind you, I'm a complete Linux n00b.

    As it turned out, for my wifi card, only the rt2800 drivers had been installed, while according to the ubuntu hardware wiki, my WL-181XR is actually a RT2860 chipset?

    So, I manually installed the drivers using the step-by-step from this post. Then I disabled the rt2800 drivers using the input from this post.

    After a reboot, I now get a nice 40Mbps downstream, where with the Rt2800 drivers it was a minimal 2Mbps.

    Hope this perhaps helps others as well... Of course, input is always welcome (e.g. when I actually did something really stupid, which I'm not yet aware of, lol)

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04 slow wifi Sitecom WL-181XR (RT2860 Chipset)

    Thanks DFKT! You are a great example to the community.

    I had a bit of trouble following the links, so here they are again just in case:


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