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Thread: LibreOffice Impress went crazy

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    Exclamation LibreOffice Impress went crazy

    Hi there

    I have a problem with Impress. I opened a presentation, and tried to insert an animated image. After I chose that option from the Insert menu, the small pop-up window froze, and I couldn't interact with the main file window. I tried to close the small window to no avail. I closed the file, and opened it again: and the small frozen window didn't go away!
    I opened another file, and the "insert an animated picture" window also made it appearance, although this time I managed to close it. Now, somehow, Impress became corrupted. The slide pane doesn't appears in any of my presentations now, if I try to use it the program crashes. It is also "wonky", menu options perform as other options (slide sorter activates the slide show option, etc.)
    Turning off the computer didn't help. I removed Impress and reinstalled it... and it didn't work!
    I have to give a very (VERY) important presentation in 2 days; any help will be very appreciated.


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    Re: LibreOffice Impress went crazy

    See this bug: this has been happening for a while since upgrades, but does not seem like it has yet been fixed.

    Perhaps if you add your voice to the clamour calling for a fix, it will happen sooner.

    Hope this helps.
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    Unhappy Re: LibreOffice Impress went crazy

    The weird thing is that Impress is apparently, permanently damaged. Even reinstalling it didn't work.

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    Re: LibreOffice Impress went crazy


    I had exactly the same problem and managed to solve it.

    By making a new presentation and choosing "open existing presentation" the animation window was now unfrozen and I could close it

    Hope this helps!


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