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Thread: HP 5330m Compatibility

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    HP 5330m Compatibility

    Has anyone a HP ProBook 5330m? How well does it run with Ubuntu? Can't find any reports here.

    It is beeing sold here with some Suse Linux Enterprise, so i think it should have a decent linux support out of the box. But i am just a bit puzzled that as it is one of the few laptops with a linux preinstalled and no one has it?

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    Re: HP 5330m Compatibility

    I am now a proud owner of the HP 5330m (LG724EA) with a core i5 cpu and an a ssd. And i have to say that this beast is not only super fast but it is a perfect device for ubuntu.
    EVERYTHING works out of the box. I never ever had this situation in the last 10 years of using linux on several PCs and laptops.

    I wiped the Windows 7 and installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit on the whole disk. 128gb is not enough for both. Maybe i will install windows 7 (the product key is under the battery) on an external ssd sata drive (the esata port is really fast).

    It is very easy to open the device on the bottom side where you have easy access to the ssd, and empty ram slot, wlan card, umts card and the cpu fan in case it gets polluted.

    In detail:

    • Keyboard: has a nice backlight which you can turn on and off. all the special keys like volume+-, backlight+-, supend, wifi on/off, mute and internet key work. it is very comfortable to type.
    • Display: nothing to complain, backlight can be adjusted with the keyboard. not the birghtest one, but it is ok.
    • Touchpad: nothing special, doule click, right click, drag&drop and vertical scrolling work. only those rubber keys look awful.
    • Wifi: has some intel centrino advanced-n 6205 and just works without installing any driver
    • Supsend: takes about 3 seconds for off and for on and just works. wifi reconnects automatically
    • Fan: is spinning around, but you can hear it only in very quiet environments. when you make heavy computations the core i5 gets a bit too loud, but it slows down within seconds when the load reduces agian.
    • Video: didn't try any games yet but there is not much to expect from the intel hd 3000. external monitor works flawlessly with vga and hdmi.
    • Ports: usb just works, esata/usb combo port is really fast. tried it with an external sata 3gb/s ssd drive and got really nice 280MB/s
    • SSD: the system boots in about 10seconds. eclipse starts with several plugins in the same time. fantastic!
    • Audo/Webcam: Speaker, internal mic, webcam, combinde headphone &mic jack function properly

    So, all in all, although this device has some drawbacks (display could be brighter and it is not really an ultrabook) i am amazed how everything works out of the box. Great job HP!
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