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Thread: Numpty reqs help...

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    Numpty reqs help...

    Hi there,
    Some time ago my son-in-law replaced my windows operating system with Ubuntu.
    I was very reluctant but now absolutely love it but for one thing. It has, within the last couple of months, stopped playing videos. ( The main use for it is the BBC News web site and their vids will not play at all.)
    I think it was caused by one of the regular service downloads but I haven't a clue how to fix it. (Son-in-law lives a great distance away and is very busy plus I'd like to stick it up him by fixing something myself for once and not always having to bleat on at him till he comes up and fixes it. )

    I think I may have to delete something on my pc and then re-install something else?
    Can anyone put me straight and in a very simple way. I'm a silver surfer and not much good with computer speak.



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    Re: Numpty reqs help...


    Welcome to the forums Big Allen

    It sounds like you may have a problem with flash.

    A couple of questions first.

    What version of Ubuntu do you have installed ?

    What browser are you using ?

    Do you know what version of flash you are using ?

    If you are unsure of how to answer these questions then post back and we can help you. It may involve typing a bit in a terminal but do not let that worry you. It's just easier to type commands into a terminal than it is to explain how to navigate through all the windows and menus.

    Kind regards
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    Wink Re: Numpty reqs help...

    Hi Big Allen & welcome to the forums.

    As matt_symes said, it sounds like a problem with Flash, Flash is enables people to watch videos on the BBC webste as well as YouTube.

    I would recommend installing Google Chrome, which comes pre-installed with Flash.

    If you click here;
    and download the 32 bit .deb (For Debian/Ubuntu)

    It will then be downloaded to the Downloads folder, which you will find in your Home folder.

    Once you have found the folder, then double click to install the file you have downloaded.

    Google Chrome will now be up and running.

    You can then import all of the bookmarks (sites that you visit) from your other browser to Google Chrome.
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