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Thread: Possibly a Repository/MD5Sum Problem!

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    Possible Repository/MD5Sum Problem?!?! PLEASE HELP!

    Hey everyone,
    I'm still semi-new to Ubuntu and cannot find the answer to my problem so I'm gonna try here!

    I have a public Repository that I originally created on my 'home' computer using the latest version of Ubuntu . The repository is web-based and hosts Debian Packages.
    The repo contains:
    • deb_files folder (which holds all .deb files)

    • en_US.bz2 file

    • Packages file

    • Packages.bz2 file

    • Release file

    • Release.gpg file
    I used MD5Sum checking for authenticating.

    THE PROBLEM: I can only use the 'home' computer to create my 'Packages' file or else it throws a 'Size Mismatch' error. Each computer I use generates a MD5Sum tag that is different from the other computers so I can't upload/install .deb packages from any other computer but my 'home' computer?!?!?

    I'm trying to find out if I can either:
    1. Completely remove MD5Sum checking from Ubuntu on my 'home' computer


    2. Allow multiple MD5Sum tags to be accepted during the 'Packages' creation.

    I use this to create my 'Packages' file:

    cd /home/MYCOMPUTER/MyRepo
    dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null -->Packages
    Thanx in advance for any help!!!
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