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Thread: auto update question

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    auto update question

    12.04 with xfce
    when i go to update the software, security updates, distro updates and stuff like that show up automatically but how come the applications i have installed on the computer do not show up with the other available updates, for instance a new version of kdenlive, gimp, audacity, blender and my other apps do not show up with the other available updates, instead i have to search the web and try to figure out how to install the updates myself
    why is this ?? is there anyway i can make it so the computer will search find and display any available updates for all of my apps ??

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    Re: auto update question

    The repos are not updated with the newer versions of some apps right away. It can sometimes take months. If you want the bleeding edge versions of something, you're better of adding the corresponding PPA for that app, if available (google the name of app followed by PPA). Then you will get updates as the devs make them.
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