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Thread: Looking to buy a laptop

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    Looking to buy a laptop

    I recently bought a toshiba satellite c655d-s5535 and it sucks (both hardware-wise and compatibility-wise). I am on a somewhat tight budget so cannot spend too much. Has anyone had good luck with any specific laptops?
    My minimum requirements are:
    Price < 700$ (< 500$ preferable)
    300 Gig HD
    2.0+ GHz Intel(have not had good luck with amd) processor, preferably 64-bit and 2+ cores
    RAM if not ddr3
    Discrete graphics (not ati, have not had good luck with ati) would be nice, but are not required
    AT LEAST 1366x768 screens resolution (1920x1080 would be AWESOME, I had a laptop with that once and loved it)
    At Least 14" screen size (at least 15.6" would be preferable)
    Wireless at least bgn 2.4 GHz
    preferably bluetooth
    disk drive at least dvd-r/w
    at least 2 usb ports
    preferably some type of video out port (VGA is fine)
    Either a trackpoint style pointer or a REALLY GOOD trackpad (the trackpad is the one thing I like about my toshiba)

    Things that don't concern me:
    Warranty (As long as it is easy to take apart)
    RAM if ddr3 (I have 8 gigs from the toshiba)
    battery life (within reason)
    charging time (within reason)
    whether it is refurbished/used or not (As long as the seller is trustworthy)
    This may sound crazy to some people but, keyboard labels, I type in dvorak with a qwerty labeled keyboard, so I am used to not looking at the keys anyway (This is more for a refurbished or used laptop that might have the keyboard labels rubbed off)
    this might also sound crazy to some people but, key logos on the laptop (for the windows key, I have a sticker that says "any key")
    OS (although laptops that come with windows <strikethrough>tend</strikethrough> should be more expensive)
    general look (As long as it is comfortable, I don't care about how it looks)

    I think that's it, I'll edit the post if I think of anything else.
    (Yes I have seen system76, and the laptops look great (especially the gazelle professional), but they are a little expensive, I would go with the pangolin performance if I don't find anything else good)
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    Re: Looking to buy a laptop

    The one constraint that will push the price up is 8GB of RAM (or the ability to upgrade to 8GB of RAM). For that, you're going to need a fairly recent laptop. Most laptops with a Core 2 Duo or similar generation Intel CPU are going to max out at 4GB.

    If you get one that is 8GB capable, your other constraints should be easy to meet.

    I have worked on a few Dell Vostro 3550 laptops and they seem pretty nice. They can do all you say you need. You can find Dell Outlet 3550's with only an i3 for a pretty decent price; the i5 will be a little faster. They are easy to work on - the bottom pops off with three screws and you can then access the RAM and hard drive very easily.

    I was able to boot Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a similar 3555 (the AMD version) - I assume the 3550 would work too. I think this one is a "certified" laptop.

    Note that this laptop has a 15.6" matte (not glossy) screen and a conventional keyboard not a numeric keypad crammed on the right side, something I prefer not to have anyway. This will probably be my next laptop.

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    Re: Looking to buy a laptop

    Sorry I was unclear, I don't need 8 gigs, I just happen to have an 8 gig ddr3 card already.
    I looked at some of the laptops on dell outlet, and those might work for me.
    Unfortunately my nerdiness is bigger than my wallet when it comes to laptops/computers.
    EDIT: yeah, the matte screen and the comfortably-sized keyboard are definitely plusses, the only reason I did not include a matte screen in my requirements is because from what I had seen they increased the overall price by alot. And I could probably make one by experimenting with matte contact paper.

    I am actually very impressed with But I am still open to suggestions!
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