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Thread: Problem with monitor

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    Problem with monitor

    Can anybody come to my assistance?
    I have an nvidia card connected to a CRT via a DVI to *edit* VGA adaptor. I have struggled to get 12.04 installed (live cd wouldn't boot without a flag set in grub) and the installed OS will not boot without 'nomodeset' added to the boot options. All is not well though still.

    I filled a bug about this issue where there is more detailed info about the symptoms and system.

    I was reading this thread about a similar problem but it concerned an ATI card rather than an nvidia.

    I'm guessing the system is not getting the correct EDID info, but I could be entirely wrong. It's happened before..

    /longing for times gone by when ctrl alt +/- worked to adjust resolutions and there was a xorg.conf somewhere to edit..
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