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Thread: Redefine Menu Key (and all keys in general)

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    Redefine Menu Key (and all keys in general)

    Right now my menu key on my Thinkpad-T520 simulates a "right-click". I would like to completely disable that feature and have the menu key execute 'dmenu_run'. How can I disable the right-click functionality and still use it to run a custom keyboard shortcut? Right now I have 'Shift+Menu' working but its not the same...

    Also, I have all sorts of keys here that I would like to be able to (know how to) redefine in the future. For example, I have page forward and page back keys right next to the arrow keys. I would rather have them be PgUp and PgDn.

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    Re: Redefine Menu Key (and all keys in general)

    You may want do do a Google search for xmodmap

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