Dear fellow Ubuntu users,

I have an automatation question I'd like to ask from you.
My server runs some servers which are, unfortunately, not daemons (like Minecraft or Source Dedicated Server). I am planning on making them automatically start at boot with the @reboot directive in crontab, but I wish their sessions to be usable from byobu.

Problem being, that byobu does not auto-start. I have written a shell script:
screen -dr byobu -X screen -t srcds
screen -r byobu -p srcds -X stuff "./ $(printf '\r')"
And I execute it as my nonprivileged user in crontab:
@reboot           sourcesrv                    cd /srv/srcds/orangebox && ./
However, running this script requires byobu to be started when it runs. If I test the script with starting byobu by hand and then executing it from SSH, it does order byobu to make a new window and then starts the server.

My question being: can I, somehow, automatize the start of byobu into the file? I tried adding byobu (the command itself) after the shebang-line, but then it hangs until I, by hand, F6 (detach) from byobu.

Turning byobu's Start automatically after log in on does not work, because there is no login to happen, as the script is started from cron.