I am using an intel DG31PR motherboard that has realtek audio. Ever since I have installed Ubuntu 12, the audio is not working right. I hear the sound (from the speaker) but its mostly absent. Basically there is a lot of stuttering/choppiness. If I use a headphone, it works fine.

I have my alsa diagnostic tool output up at: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=ba...8a9446c277a2a3

I have tried all I could but nothings working for me. I must mention that before this I was using xubuntu 11 which worked just fine (I never updated it because I found that one of the updates to xubuntu 11 caused the same problem that I am facing now).

Any help would be appreciated. I would be forced to look back at other options if this does not get solved soon.