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Thread: Making a Personal Cloud

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    Question Making a Personal Cloud

    I have One Desktop computer dual booting Ubuntu 12.04/Windows 7 (both x86_64), One laptop computer running Ubuntu 12.04, and a Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.3.

    My current dilemma is that I am constantly on all of these devices/partitions, download files, making music with LMMS/Ardour, and installing programs/adding sources. This causes my Data to become out of sync VERY quickly. Basically I want my music, videos, pictures, and documents synced with my Windows and Ubuntu partitions, programs and sources synced with my Ubuntu partitions, and my LMMS/Ardour project files synced with my Ubutnu and Windows partitions. My goal is to have all these devices/partitions and extension of my Ubuntu partition on my desktop, and what I do on my devices/partitions will be saved to all my devices/partitions. I've tried Ubuntu one and it was perfect, except I cant get 2TB of space affordably with U1. I have a Quad-Core computer not currently in use, so I thought of making my own personal cloud server running Ubuntu 12.04 server edition. Here is my "Cloud wish list":

    -When a file is created on one device, it is saved to my Cloud-server's 2TB data drive, to which it then sends to my laptop/windows partition/phone(if possible, the laptop/desktop ubuntu sync is my priority).
    -VPN to which I will connect my Desktop/Phone/Laptop to.
    -When I add a software source to my Laptop, it will be added to my Dekstop's Ubuntu Partition and vice versa.
    -When I install a program via the software center on my laptop, it will install on my Desktop's Ubuntu Partition and vice versa.

    I don't expect someone to tell me how to do all of this, but pointing me to some guides would be nice. I am comfortable with headless servers and have 3 years of Linux experience so I can deal with more advanced guides.

    Any and all help is appreciated!
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    Re: Making a Personal Cloud

    Has Windows & Linux clients, working on Mac and mobile clients.

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