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Thread: Laptop Backlight Issues

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    Laptop Backlight Issues

    Hello, I've dual booted Ubuntu on my laptop starting with Maverick. Since Natty came out, I've had the backlight problem solved with
    sudo setpci -s 02:00.0 F4.B=00
    and then putting the line (minus 'sudo') into /etc/rc.local. Now, having done a fresh install from CD image of UbuntuStudio 12.04, this code works from a terminal, but not in /etc/rc.local.

    Thanks so much for help on this as well as the answers I've found in the past.
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    Re: Laptop Backlight Issues

    I have no idea how or why, just ran Update Manager, rebooted and it works now !?! Must have been a fix in there somewhere.


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