Always had a hard time getting podcasts to import into pretty much any Ubuntu aggregator other than gpodder and gpodder is unusable (for me anyways) because it mangles the file names off about half of my podcasts so that my phone can't sort them in any useable way.

Amarok has been my goto for podcasts because it was the first music player I found with OPML support but it's kind of annoying because I find it really cumbersome to use. The menus are not intuitive for me and as a gnome user, it looks ugly and out of place to me.

Rhythmbox now has OPML support but it's buggy which gets me to the real point of my post:

1. Rythmbox
When importing an OPML file, or even if I try to import the feeds one at a time, 2/3 of the feeds show up as radio stations instead of podcasts. That makes them unplayable.

2. Amarok
Even worse. Out of 31 feeds, only 3 of them import successfully.

I'm just using the OPML file I exported from iTunes and for the time being, I am forced to use virtualbox + iTunes to access my feeds because I can't find anything in Ubuntu that will play them.

Any clues on what's happening with Rythmbox? Fixing Amarok would be ok too but I really prefer something that blends better with gnome.

Ubuntu 12.04
Amarok 2.5.0 using KDE 4.8.2
Rhythmbox 2.96

Any suggestions?