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Thread: 12.04 Desktop Cube Compiz Issues

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    12.04 Desktop Cube Compiz Issues

    I have been working with Compiz and I decided to enable the Desktop Cube. I have used the Desktop Cube on previous versions of Ubuntu (pre-Unity) and have never since tried it again because of issues with my new laptop's Nvidia 540M graphcis card. However since I have 3D acceleration working with my Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics in 12.04, I decided to try it again.

    First off, I have an issue when I rotate the cube (switching from workspace to workspace, using ctrl+(Left or Right) and when I use the cube "expose"). When I switch it shows the correct workspace, however for a split second after switching, it will flash the previous workspace that I was on.

    Secondly, I have chosen to make a 3x3 workspace arrangement so due to the fact that the cube feature only deals with the workspaces in that row, I have decided to make a cylindrical "cube". Although with this I have noticed the 3D window feature doesn't work properly. Often times I notice a window behaving like the 3D representation of the cube is actually a cube and not a cylinder. I will post a picture to better describe what I am experiencing here.

    Thank you for any help that can be offered!
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