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Thread: Recovering profiles from a damaged HDD

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    Recovering profiles from a damaged HDD

    I am trying to fix a dropped HDD by running Ubuntu 11.10 on bootdisc, then accessing my old HDD which is still installed within the machine and backing-up to an external HDD. It will not give me 'permissions' to access most of the data. Is this because I am running Ubuntu from the CD, or because the HDD really is totally corrupted?
    I have managed to open and access all the files which were created in Ubuntu, before I dropped it. Anything which I had brought over from a backup when I installed Ubuntu is now inaccessible. Specifically, I'm trying to get to, and copy , my Mozilla profiles (downloaded emails, address book, etc.). So I stand to lose all the most recent emails, which I had not yet backed up. Help!

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    Re: Recovering profiles from a damaged HDD

    You may need to change permissions on the files you can't access. Try doing it in a terminal. Let's say are you are trying to access files in this folder but don't have permission: /media/MyHardDrive/folder1

    Then in a terminal (in the live CD) type:

    sudo chmod -R 755 /media/MyHardDrive/folder1
    which should give you read access to all the files in folder1 and also in any folders underneath of it.

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