Hi All,

I have a Dell Inspiron Duo that I have recently dual-booted with Ubuntu 12.04 (upgraded from 11.10) and Win7. I need help with a power issue though;

When I first installed 11.10, I have issues where when the laptop was plugged into, or unplugged from, mains power it crashed to a black screen with a load of text printed over. From there all I could do was hard-reboot. After some searching online I found a guide to disabling acpi which fixed the problem (update GRUB), but removed my battery status icon and possibly resulted in my laptop running incredibly hot under Ubunutu (I cannot be certain that acpi was the cause for the latter though).

After upgrading to 12.04, I followed another guide that detailed how to cool the system down - again by updating the GRUB runline. Now, with the new set-up my battery icon is back (as is acpi), but I am again left with the crashes when unplugging the power cord.

Does anybody know of a fix for this (pretty significant) bug that does not involve disabling acpi? I have tried another fix that requires downgrading pm-utils, but that had no effect.

Many thanks!