Godspell, read your PM

For anyone running into the same issue, a thread here might help:

Apparently the ath9k kernel module has problem with 802.11n network, so just run the network on G only, and everything should be stable. I just briefly changed my access point settings (about 15minutes ago), so far no kernel panic.

Not the ideal solution, but ah well.

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No worries, wish I was more helpful.

Great to know Ubuntu still works with cable connection and wouln't crash until wireless is used. Had never tested it myself.

Jesus Christ! Holy Mother of God! Don't mind my geekgasm LOL
You're an embedded software developer who HAS to use Linux at work!? In other words, you're an IT professional who uses Linux for like what...6, 7 hours a day in and out every weekday.

WOW and DAMN, what I wouldn't give to get a job like that heh. It's like a holy grail of IT jobs.
I'm a University student and half of the guys in my class don't have any clue how to fix a PC or write a program.....or are even interested in to find out 'how things work'. The other half are too busy reading HCI theories and SDLC methodologies lol. On top of that, all of them don't seem to know the existence of Linux
So you can probably imagine where my excitement comes from lol Amongst all of those bloody academics, I'm like an outcast.

Anyway, sorry for an unrelated-rant-outbreak.

Btw, if you have a 20M cable, you can probably wire it overhead. You can use the wall sticker clippers to manage it. That way it's a little more permanent. Besides, you don't wanna get your missus tripped over and booted to the couch, do you lol

Best regards.