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Thread: Need malware for Ubuntu (for testing)

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    Need malware for Ubuntu (for testing)

    Hi all

    Really need your help now. As soon as possible

    I need malware for Ubuntu for testing purposes in a controlled environment.
    More specifically, I need software that does illegitimate connections outside of the local machine (probably to the internet or to other machines on the network). Like spyware, DDoS software or some software with hidden user logging. I hope you understand

    Im not allowed to configure the software. The best thing would be if it starts sending traffic directly after installation.

    .deb packages would be the best but .rpm might also work (tar.gz is a no go).

    Is there anyone who can help me? All suggestions are appreciated!


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    Re: Need malware for Ubuntu (for testing)

    malware does not last long on linux. what you are asking for would be obsolete by the time you got it.

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    Re: Need malware for Ubuntu (for testing)

    Closed for review.

    Closed permanently. We do not support this type of inquiry here.
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