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Thread: Lost system password

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    Lost system password

    I have not used my Dell Dimension E310 for two or three years. On boot, it is asking me for a system password. I don't remember it. I do know the operating system is Ubuntu, and I recall there was a password to get into it. (Or is there also a password to get into the Dell computer first?; frankly, I don't think so, but I thought I would ask anyway.) I would like to give the computer to someone, but there doesn't seem much point if he can't get into it. Is there a way I can work around the password? Do I have to contact Dell tech support?

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    Re: Lost system password

    What do you actually see when you switch on: is it a ubuntu user password or a grub password or simply a BIOS password that you need?

    It sounds more like a password for grub or the BIOS, but it is difficult to say with certainty. Can you boot to a live CD? If you can it is probably worth installing a new OS which is more up-to-date.
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    Re: Lost system password

    If the password is for Ubuntu you can use this tutorial to change it.


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