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Thread: VLC and huffyuv Videos - Green Screen

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    Question VLC and huffyuv Videos - Green Screen

    I have a huffyuv encoded video file:

    deluge@debian:~/Desktop$ mediainfo test.avi
    Complete name                    : test.avi
    Format                           : AVI
    Format/Info                      : Audio Video Interleave
    File size                        : 372 MiB
    Duration                         : 10s 33ms
    Overall bit rate                 : 311 Mbps
    Writing application              : Lavf52.111.0
    ID                               : 0
    Format                           : Huffman
    Codec ID                         : HFYU
    Duration                         : 10s 33ms
    Bit rate                         : 311 Mbps
    Width                            : 1 280 pixels
    Height                           : 800 pixels
    Display aspect ratio             : 1.600
    Frame rate                       : 30.000 fps
    Color space                      : RGB
    Bit depth                        : 8 bits
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 10.111
    Stream size                      : 372 MiB (100%)
    But VLC only displays a green screen when I play it. Any ideas? Is there a decoder that I need to get? MPlayer plays the video just fine and on Windows VLC has no problem with huffyuv.

    ----- EDIT -----

    I've figured out that this is a problem with the builds of libav in the debian-multimedia repository. I'm in the process of working it out now.

    ----- SOLVED -----

    I removed vlc and ffmpeg and created a file called /etc/apt/preferences and placed in it:

    Package: *
    Pin: origin
    Pin-Priority: 1
    I cleared the apt cache and updated, then reinstalled vlc and ffmpeg. All seems well.
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