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Is the machine running sshd directly connected to the Internet, or is it behind a router? If the latter, did you use the router's port forwarding tools to forward external port 22 back to the server? If so, and it still doesn't work, your ISP may be blocking connections on port 22. Try setting the external port to some arbitrary port like 22222 and forwarding that back to the server. Make sure you open the arbitrary port using the router's firewalling tools. Then use "ssh -p 22222 yourname.dyndns.org" to connect.

To check that name resolution is working correctly, try "ping yourname.dyndns.org".
Thanks for the answer!
I am using port 8675 for ssh, because I am aware that my ISP can block port 22. But yes, I am behind a router and I haven't forwarded any port!
@Peter09 I did that and it stays at "Connecing to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" and then, after a couple of minutes it says that the connection has timed out!