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Thread: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 with non-pae kernel?

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    Ubuntu Studio 12.04 with non-pae kernel?

    When attempting install Ubuntu Studio 12.04 from DVD (on a Dell Inspiron 9200, with a 32-bit Pentium M 725 processor and 2GB RAM), I received the message
    This kernel requires the following features not present on the cpu:
    Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu.
    and was unable to proceed.

    The problem is discussed in the Ubuntu forums regarding Ubuntu and its variants in general at, but I've found no mention of whether there is a non-PAE version of the realtime or low-latency kernels for Ubuntu Studio 12.04.

    Is there an option I can choose in the live installer menu that will help (I bet not)? Alternatively, perhaps someone has created a version of the Ubuntu Studio 12.04 DVD ISO with a non-PAE version of the kernel? (I'd love to do it myself, but I barely know how to compile software, let alone modify a kernel.)
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    Re: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 with non-pae kernel?

    You could always install with the non-PAE version of the mini ISO and then install all of the ubuntustudio-* packages.
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