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Thread: Mouse pointer jumps back to a point every second during some games

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    Mouse pointer jumps back to a point every second during some games

    Mouse pointer works fine for most things, but with some games the pointer keeps jumping back to a spot about every second. It happens with 'Mouse', 'Track Stick', and 'Touch Pad'.

    lbreakout2 - on the menu screen it works fine, but swith over to playing a game it gets jumpy
    nexuiz - messes up right from the start
    openarena - messes up right from the start, etc...
    (These are just the ones that I tried this out with, there's probably more...)

    Update: found this website:
    "stop unclutter before launching a conflicting application."

    So you can `killall unclutter` first. It's part of `kubuntu-full` so if you unintall `clutter`, it'll remove the `kubuntu-full` meta-package too, if that's installed. Maybe `unclutter` should be removed from the `kubuntu-full` meta-package grouping?
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    One of my most wanted bugs [in K/Ubuntu, ...] I'd like fixed is that
    GNOME save as / open dialogs don't have a way to copy paths to the clipboard.
    Recovery console should be renamed performance gaming console

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