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Thread: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

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    Re: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

    how many controls connects when you connect it with usb?
    Cos here I get two controls connected with only 1 control connected and one constantly pops and dissapears for a while but the other one stays up and the only way to properly test if its working or not is in tux racer or neverball by just pressing the middle ps3 button when ingame

    If it works in those games then you should be able to play ubuntu based applications games like nexuiz by rebinding some of the keys to the "gamepad"

    this is how my system reacts to pulling out the usb cable and putting it back into the controler or the other way around by pulling out the usb of the computer and back in

    to play with it after you let it connect thru the bluetooth just go into game profiles and choose an option for tux or neverball by what buttons to be accesible on the sixaxis, if the sixaxis works in tux racer or neverball you pretty much have acess to the whole sixaxis and afterwards you can probably keybind it to work in games like yellowblod goes to war or nexuiz and perhaps even other games

    solution: the gamepad might be conneted without sixaxis noticing it if you get the bluetooth pop, try tux racer or neverball to see if its a bug withing qtsixa or something else

    the bluetooth acessing spams a bit and you might get more then 1 message
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