If you are like me you enjoy the indicator-sysmonitor display. It has not been ported to 12.04 yet, however it still works as is! I have it running on 12.04 64bit but it should work on 32bit also.

Open the link for the sysmon script from my git(I did not create this script nor do I take any credit, I am merely sharing it for others to enjoy):
Copy and past this into a text file and name it sysmon. Open terminal and create a scrips folder and save this file there:
mkdir scripts

Download the indicator from:
Install indicator-sysmonitor_0.3.9~oneiric0_all.deb with Software Center or gdebi

Install dstat:
sudo apt-get install dstat

Start indicator-sysmonitor, click on Preferences. Click -Use this command and paste: $HOME/scripts/sysmon
Click Run on Startup and Save.