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Thread: could not stat resume device dev/dm-0

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    Exclamation could not stat resume device dev/dm-0

    After installing 'hibernate';
    when I first reboot my PC I encountered following *similar message

    libcrypt version: 1.5.0
    Could not stat the resume device file /dev/dm-0
    Please type in the full path name to try again or press enter to boot the system
    Very Similar situation with this thread, when restarts I get GRUB option where I can get access to system via earlier versions of Linux (with no GPU/ graphics cards supported.) So I can post this query from firefox. But not able to boot normally.
    Please help.

    In past I'd stuck at worse situation & GParted with boot'd through pendrive saved my life, but this time I've access to GUI & CLI and can edit files conf if required so I should try that first (GParted is the last resort of course)
    I've removed 'hibernate'
    as well as 'uswsusp' But it's not helpful. It's stuck at above message.
    On internet I couldn't find proper solutions (hence the thread)

    I recently upgraded to 12.04 from 10.04 LTS Ubuntu Server edition (with Ubuntu Desktop on top of it). Now I regret it most, as new problems are surfacing every hour.
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