Hi guys,

i tried to create source and package to submit into ubuntu package repository, i built the .deb package but they want from me some source package, could you please someone explain me how to build that source package or .deb package properly, i know that stuff like dh_make etc..

For example i have my project in directory Project:
under that directory i have structure like this:
If i issue now all that dh_make, i configure description etc...and then issue dbuild, it won't make me structure like should be for example that script.pl should be in /opt/project/bin/script, icons in /opt/project/icons etc.., where i should wrote commands to build appropriate structure, to makefile or to rules file or what, and if do you have some good book on this, because what i already saw on debian or ubuntu docs wasn't very helpful...it was too concise or too difficult and without comments, Thanks