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Thread: Great preparing computer science books for University

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    Post Great preparing computer science books for University

    Hello fellow Ubuntu users! In the several past years I frequently visited this forum but never made an account, so as you can see (beans) will this be my first thread!

    I have stumbled the last several months over the internet with the same question and I never really could find the answer. Because of my great interest in computers I want to learn almost everything about it (who wouldn’t?). But I really don't like surfing the web all day so I'm searching for some well written books and some that will prepare me for University.

    I have already read some good books, examples of these books:
    - C ++, PHP, ruby, HTML, JS etc (languages)
    - Algorithm and data structures
    - Networks

    But, I want to have books that cover almost everything about computers. From the most beginning (hardware) to the rest.
    For example I found a good book about mostly every computer algorithm (The Art of Programming vol 1-4) from Dr. Donald E. Knuth. But I want more of these kind of collections!

    Does anybody have some recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Great preparing computer science books for University

    If you want to learn Java the Java Tutorials are excellent.

    If that alone doesn't do it for you, you could always pick up a copy of Big Java by Cay Horstmann. I think the current edition is the 4th.

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