If you want one of the forum administrators to take a look at your situation, you are welcome to start a thread in the resolution center.
So, here "we" are.

I don't see this as "my situation" but more "our situation". I don't think the person who took action on me did it out of malice or pleasure. They can correct me if I am wrong.

The resolution I am requesting is for the jedi on the council to recommend a different approach the padawan learners can take instead striking first and listening later.

In short, I have used Ubuntu on and off (like maybe every 3 years since 2003) to see what it was like. I used Edubuntu in my classes 2 years ago, and when I heard about 12.04 I decided to upgrade. I was convincing my dad of using it and he was commenting on the differences between 10.x version and the 11.x version.

I got 11.10 up but it stopped upgrading. This and the left launcher bar sent me back to Windows. I called this launcher a "bad" word. This was my initial hit by the bam bams in the crowd. I didn't know about it at the time and in April I decided to give Ubuntu another try.

I was trying to clarify my dissatisfaction with the appearance of Ubuntu. I now understand the term is "gnome". I tried to rectify this opinion in private messages, but the person felt insulted after I replied asking about this forum. They banned me until April 26, after noon.

I decided to still pursue my linux interests, and I found a way to change the appearance. It's called "KDE" otherwise referred to as Kubuntu. I never knew about this. Upon loading, I saw a better looking desktop. There isn't a left launcher panel, and it is nicely set on the bottom (or top I think if you prefer).

Each day I added new programs and modified the settings. I am still kind of doing it with colors in specific programs. Only a couple programs I use in Windows remain to finally say goodbye to Windows. We're getting there folks.

It seems that I was banned from the forums for the duration because I expressed my opinion towards the default Ubuntu installation. I still feel the same way, but I haven't gone back to Windows. During this time, I have been able to find a way to modify the look so that my opinion would change as it pertains to Windows.

I think the course of action should have been to inform the new user, or if you don't want to call me new since I have used it on and off since 2003 and even used Edubuntu 2 years ago, an "uninformed user" of the options available. Kubuntu solves the problem of someone not liking the left launcher Gnome setup. It's a preference, a style. Not everyone has to love Gnome to enjoy Linux.

So, please train your padawan learners to listen first, strike later. In the words of Yoda, "Help you I can, yes!!" not "You're asking me to be rational. That is something I know I cannot do. Believe me, I wish I could just wish away my feelings, but I can't."

"Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some."