Hi - I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS AMD64.

I had an odd problem with Avidemux (it stopped paying attention to the bitrate I was setting - I believe this happened after another update but am not sure) so I decided to uninstall it (it was installed from the Software Centre) and try to compile a more recent version from source. This didn't go well initially and I got some errors (I think due to a typo during compiling), but I eventually got it installed, including the plugins (which I compiled separately per instructions from the wiki).

However, when I ran the program, no plugins showed up (under help--> plugins) and it can't play sound/video is glitchy/it's generally unuseable.

So I uninstalled that (though I'm not used to uninstalling compiled software and am worried I did this incorrectly thus causing the problem I'm now experiencing), and reinstalled from the software centre.

The reinstalled version ALSO has this same problem with no plugins showing up, even though the original version I had installed from the software centre did not.

I really need a working version of Avidemux, so any help at all would be appreciated!

I'm not the most proficient at Ubuntu, so I would sincerely appreciate being treated like a bit of an idiot if anyone has any suggestions as to how to fix this/needs me to provide them with more information.

Thank you all so much!