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Thread: Dell Inspiron (Black screen)

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    Unhappy Dell Inspiron (Black screen)

    I tried to install Ubuntu 11.10 on a

    Dell Inspiron 17R (Q17R)
    Processor Core i7-2670M, 2.20 Ghz
    Memory 6GB (1333)2s
    Screen 17.3 900p WLED HD+
    Graphic_Card NVidia GeForce GT 525M, 2GB

    ... that I bought after seeing that Inspiron 17R is verified by Ubuntu.

    After installation I restart the computer and I get to the boot menu and can select Ubuntu. But after that I see a blinking cursor for some seconds and then the screen goes totally black and nothing happens. I can hear the fan running.

    I run boot-repair and it didn't solve the problem. It warned thou at the beginning of the process something like ...

    "No EFI partition detected. ... Still wana continue.".

    I tried boot-repair 3 times, at the third time the computer dies in the middle of process and now I can't even start the computer. It dies 2 sec after I pushed comp HW start button. Now I need to turn it in for a repair.

    bootrepair log:

    Then I surfed and found this ...

    Some machines (all Dell laptops, all new Apple from 2010 on, some Lenovo)
    have bugs in their UEFI firmware, preventing them from booting (black screen).
    Linux Kernel 3.0 (and higher versions) includes patches with workarounds for them.
    It is therefore recommended to use a Linux kernel of version 3.0 or higher.

    I tried to install 11.10 that got 3.0 kernel and that didn't work. Maybe 12.04 will work better for a Dell Inspiron 17R and EFI.

    Anyone knows if the Ubuntu-devs is working on making installation of Ubuntu working better for Dell laptops owners or do we have to spend 1+ week trying to get ubuntu work? Will it get better with 12.04? Are they trying to make a solution for EFI?
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    Re: Dell Inspiron (Black screen)

    Okey, I fixed my computer and followed this guide! Very good.

    The first two steps solved lots for me.

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