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Thread: DejaDup Failure: Questions and Issues

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    DejaDup Failure: Questions and Issues

    DejaDup failed on first use here on a 12.04 machine. That raises some questions and comments:

    1. DejaDup defaults to backing up /home to Ubuntu One. That seems problematic because many /home directories are going to be larger than the default freebie allocation on Ubuntu One.

    2. I configured DejaDup to back up /home to a partition on another drive. That failed, with DejaDup complaining about "Permission denied" as soon as it tried to move a file to the backup drive. That's to be expected because that drive is owned by root. Does this mean I need to run DejaDup as root? If I do, will it automatically run as root on future scheduled backups?

    3. I want to backup, i.e., clone, the boot drive to a partition on another drive. I want to be able to restore the boot drive in bootable condition from that backup partition. DejaDup won't let me set /dev/sda as the source drive. Should I assume it is intended only for file backups?

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    Re: DejaDup Failure: Questions and Issues

    1. I'd agree.

    2. Make a folder on the other drive and chown it to yourself and your default group. For example, if you have the other drive mounted on /mnt/backup:

    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/backup/buzzingrobot
    $ sudo chown buzzingrobot.buzzingrobot /mnt/backup/buzzingrobot
    Then set /mnt/backup/buzzingrobot as the target for your backups. I do this and it works well.

    Your username might not be buzzingrobot, but you get the idea.

    3. For the type of use you suggest, I think you want something like CloneZilla or, if you want to get your hands dirty, dd from the command line. Others may have better suggestions.
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