Hi all.

I am after some advice regarding the best way to store my data.
Some info…

I have a HTPC with the following HDDs
HDD 1 - 150GB Sata 2 - Windows 7 (80GB) & Windows XP (60GB)
HDD 2 - 80GB IDE - Ubuntu 11.10
HDD 3 - 2TB Sata 3 - Films, TV Shows…
HDD 4 - 2TB Sata 2 - Documents, Music, Pictures, Backup Programs…

Also a Netbook with 160GB - Ubuntu 11.10

I would like to backup my data and would like to know your views on how’s best to do this.
I have considered building a homemade NAS, moving my 2x2TB HDDs and with additional HDDs implementing a RAID 5 setup for my media (Films, Music & Pictures). My Documents would be sync’d with the Cloud and both my HTPC (Win7) and Netbook (Ubuntu 11.10).

Can anyone advise on a better solution than this?

What is your current setup / goal regarding your storage setup?