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ok awesome as long as i have a guide to help with the compling i should be fine and as in 2 u mean linux right bc i plan on keeping windows 7 for my games and work and all that good stuff and having my ubuntu for playing and testing stuff instead of a cd do you think putting it on a jump drive would work instead of a cd my burner is almost completely useless
You can boot Windows and Ubuntu pretty easily. And yes, you can write an the Ubuntu ISO to a USB key. It will require a special program, though. The Ubuntu Web site has good instructions for doing that.

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... For the "total newb"... Any commands posted in a thread are for a terminal... Most ppl don't say that, so assuming you have zero knowledge in Linux Operating Systems or terminal consoles... Any command should be made in a terminal -- I think CTRL+F should open one...

--- And 3 partitions then...
I thought it was Ctrl+T. It can always be accessed through the menu.