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still waiting for working fingerprint scanner on my serval pro.

The laptop was delivered to me with 11.10 on it and the fingerprint scanner has never ever worked.
We've done some testing, and it looks like the fingerprint readers will for sure be working in 12.04. Once it's released, you can upgrade and the System76 Driver will set it up for you.

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What about warranty ? Now that you ship abroad (including to Belgium where I live), I have some question about that.
When you sell electronics in Belgium (or Europe for that matter), as a manufacturer, you're obliged to give a 2 year warranty on your products.
Only recently, Apple has finally given in after years of arguing about this.

Do you provide European buyers with 2 years of warranty. What if a System76 breaks down ? Do I ship it back to the US to be repaired or can I contact a local service centre ?
We offer a 1 year warranty standard, but we also offer warranty extensions up to 2 or three years as options on our products. If you need the extended warranty, you'll want to check that option when you configure your system. For repairs, we can sometimes ship you a replacement part (which is a good deal less expensive than shipping the entire system). We don't compensate 3rd-party repair facilities, so you would need to go through us to have repairs and replacements covered by System76.