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Thread: Ubuntu 11.10

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    Ubuntu 11.10 titlebar problem

    I convinced my friend to try Ubuntu 11.10 but he has some problems with it and asked me for help, but I don't know what causes the problem so I'll ask the community.
    So the problem is: when he is using his Ubuntu 11.10 Unity 3D, the window's title bar suddenly disappears, even when he is not on the laptop. He can't close, minimize, maximize windows and move them. Sometimes "unity --replace" command helps, but sometimes the PC crashes and he has to restart. If he tries to switch applications with Alt+Tab, the PC crashes and needs restart.
    It is really annoying as you may see and he said he is going back to Windows because of this problems. So can you help him?
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    Re: Ubuntu 11.10

    If he is more comfortable with windows let him go.
    sounds like compiz wasn't installed properly.
    Google compiz on Ubuntu 11.10

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    Re: Ubuntu 11.10

    Try reinstalling the Ubuntu. Or run an update. Or reinstall Unity.

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