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Thread: Gnome and Unity Really messed up.

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    Angry Gnome and Unity Really messed up.

    I was messing around with compiz in Unity and something went wrong. The entire window managing part of Unity is gone and so is the panel on the left. I can only see a messed up version of Geany on the bottom.I tried to do
    unity --reset
    unity --reset-icons
    It fixed it, just went right back to how it was after a reboot.

    Similar thing happened on gnome. Except Gnome is worse, a completely blank desktop. Can't do anything but reboot via the button on my desktop.

    Is there any way to completely reset Unity and Gnome? Please help me!

    Currently using Gnome Classic (No effects)

    Geany also says it needs composition to work if that helps any,


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    Re: Gnome and Unity Really messed up.

    When my unity dissapears, which has happened, all of a sudden the unity gui is gone, all except for the background, and so I entered the 6th console

    and had to type the same command

    unity --release
    to get back

    I for one, don't understand the reasoning behind doing away with and not supporting an Ubuntu release with Gnome 2

    I liked being able to pin shortcuts and folders to the top task tray, and having system running in the tray graphically showing me cpu activity, along with other tools like giplet(showing my ip) and parcelite(copy and paste manager). With Unity, I don't have any of that, not even a bottom task tray to show me my running and open windows, nor an easy way to switch between them.

    On the contrary, I like that the left side bar hides when windows come near or go full screen, but hear that feature will go away with 12.04, so about the only thing I find useful is rumored to being axed.

    and, no restart button, and global menu

    My point to Canonical and the Ubuntu developers, if you want to make your own gui, atleast give us users an ability or option box to click it on or off to our likeing. Give more ways for end users to easily and quickly, without having an advanced degree in computer science, be able to configure colors and shapes and sizes and menu items, or give us an easy to understand youtube documentary explaining how to that.
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