I just upgraded from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 Beta 2.
The wireless card I have in my PC is Ralink RT2800 802.11n PCI. This card functioned fine back in 10.04 as it rarely dropped connection and had a very fast and stable transfer speed.

Once I've moved to 12.04 Beta 2 (kernel 3.2.0-23 so far), the wireless card works but every now and then would start dropping all the packets. The connection status is still connected to my AP, but I can't ping... I can't look up DNS, etc.

It still shows the list of AP's around, so I wonder if the scan is working fine, or maybe it could have been the cached list from when the wireless was working...

The easy way to fix it is to click on network-manager and disconnect from the AP, and reconnect to the AP. Once it reconnects, things will be working again.

It's pretty annoying.

I'm not sure what diff it will make between b2 and the actual 12.04 release, but since this is specific to the driver, I have a feeling the only way for me to get back the driver that was in 10.04.


1. The driver objects are here:
neilhuang@neilhuang-desktop:~$ modprobe -l | grep rt2800
Does that mean the drivers are compiled and installed with the kernel?
I know I can do modprobe -r [driver], which means the drivers are pluggable modules. But do the modules exist within the same kernel (3.2.0-xx vs 2.6.32-yy) source?

2. If the above question is true, is there anyway for me to find the original rt2x00 drivers that came with the 2.6.32 kernel (aka ubuntu 10.04) and somehow modprobe it back to the current kernel? (because the ubuntu 10.04 drivers were stable for me)

3. Where can I find logs for the wireless drivers' so I can hopefully see what's happening when packets start to drop?

Thanks and I hope the above questions make sense. I'm not much of a kernel/driver level guy, heh. Mostly just application level dev for me as my day job.