I have an ATI HD4570M(sadly), and given the "awesomeness" of the ATI fglrx drivers, I have decided to stick to the default driver. Now the issue is, if I have gnome-screensaver installed, Unity or Gnome 3, the backlight does not turn off after the 10 minute timeout set(any duration does not work). I have kicked gnome-screensaver out, since I didn't want my backlight on through the night, but now I can't lock the screen, even when the system suspends because that was handled by gnome-screensaver. I do not care much for the screensaver part, I just want the backlight to turn off, and the screen to lock.

I am running 11.10 64-bit with Gnome 3 and kernel 3.0.0-17 generic. Default graphics driver with power level set to mid.