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    Quote Originally Posted by EgoGratis View Post
    I used and recommend Flash-Aid since i can remember and the addon exist. Thanks.

    But i must say i am against recommending downgrading Flash to previous versions of Flash and against mentioning this option. I do understand this solves some issues for some users BUT at the same time it opens known security holes for them?

    This is just not an option and for users that have problems with Flash and won't use Chrome only two options exist:

    1.) Adobe fixes Flash problems.
    2.) There is no Flash anymore for Linux users that don't want to use Chrome and have problems with latest Flash.

    I don't see other options right now for users that have problems with latest Flash and none of the "workarounds" work for them with latest Flash version.

    Running software that has "web access" and known security holes is just not an option and therefore downgrading Flash should not be mentioned at all as it's not the solution for the problem as it only creates way larger security problems!
    I don't like it either, but everyone is doing and this is spread all over the place. Noboy is warning other users, which was one of the reasons I created this thread, so I could include a red warning and offer explanation how to secure flash. If people will do it anyway, at least they will be informed about the consequences and possible security measures.

    The fact is that Adobe won't fix it. Flash is dead on Linux, until Chorme releases the Pepper API.

    Anyway, I will consult the other staff to know their opinion.
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