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Thread: Terminal closes when switching windows

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    Unhappy Terminal closes when switching windows

    I'm having trouble with the terminal window closing when I switch to another window (eg internet browser, OfficeLibra, pdf viewer etc). This is annoying, because I'm running Octave, which runs from within the terminal, so I lose my work whenever I go to check something on the internet, or refer to a document.

    Is this a known feature of the terminal I can turn off, or is it something that I need to fix? I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 on an LG E500 laptop.

    Any help appreciated! For now, I'm running a work around using the Terminator application to launch Octave.

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    Re: Terminal closes when switching windows

    Is it only doing this when you run octave, or can you just open a terminal window then something else and the term closes?

    If always, have you tried just using another terminal program? There are many options.

    Odd problem... Never heard of that happening.
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    Re: Terminal closes when switching windows

    It happens for the terminal when octave is not running too.

    Thanks for the suggestion - I have been using "Terminator" as an alternative, but on principle would like to get the thing fixed

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