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Thread: Sound problem

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    Exclamation Sound problem

    Hello everyone, I really need your help!
    A week ago I bought a new headset, its a Steelseries Siberia V2. (A good one)

    Now there is my problem. The computer won't detect my mic input, which is VERY annoying.
    I tried messing around with the soud settings, but now it doesn't output any sound either!

    I'm running on Ubuntu 11.04, as I like it a little more than .10, and is there any way of 'resetting' sound configuration and adding the microphone input? Its not USB, its the regluar input (green/red cables)

    ANY help is very, very appriciated

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    Re: Sound problem

    Dont miss anything even it is small. one small pin is enough to bring down a man.

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