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Thread: Vote for GOG to add Linux versions of games they sell

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    Vote for GOG to add Linux versions of games they sell

    GOG, a digital distributor of computer games, had a makeover and one of the features this makeover introduced was a community wishlist where users get to submit suggestions for either games or website features and vote on these suggestions. One such request submitted by a user called JudasIscariot was to add Linux versions of games that GOG already sold for Windows to their catalog i.e. games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Neverwinter Nights.

    Quote Originally Posted by JudasIscariot
    If a game has a Linux version and it is made and supported by the developer please allow the option to download the Linux version if at all possible.
    It's taken a while, but the Add Linux versions of games request on the GOG Community Wishlist has surpassed 10 000 votes! This entry is currently placed fifth on the wislist. Get to voting and make it first! This shows that there are gamers using Linux and that they are ravenous for support. With Linux seeing great support thanks to Kickstarter, the Humble Bundle, and Steam, it is only a matter of time before our votes reach the folks at GOG and they go through the simple task of adding Linux versions of the games they already sell for Windows.

    Your votes count and they are just a click away!

    Thread in the GOG forum asking for Linux support.

    What GOG is all about:

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