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Thread: Continuing changes to Tutorials and Tips - please read

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    Continuing changes to Tutorials and Tips - please read

    Update 7/3/2012:

    1. As we are progressing in the transition some people choose to move their tutorials out of ubuntu space, to various third party web sites (blogs, web pages, etc). We have no problem with this decision, however, posting a link back to the fourms, without permission from staff, is considered spam.

    2. Staff is here to help you transition tutorials to the wiki, not to maintain abandoned tutorials or to assist moving out of Ubuntu namespace (forums/wiki/askubuntu).

    3. We are going to close this section to new tutorials now. Threads in this section are for threads discussing wiki pages, coordinating effort, discussing changes, asking for help with technical information or wiki formatting, etc.

    Update bodhi.zazen:

    1. There is a script available to help convert forums posts to wiki syntax.

    See bodhi.zazen's script

    Please send any suggestions for improvements or bugs with the script to bodhi.zazen in PM on the forums or on #ubuntuforums.

    You can also discuss the project on #ubuntu-wiki

    2. There is some confusion about the wiki. is for documentation is for teams and projects

    The tutorials forum has been an invaluable resource for the ubuntu community, however, as the community has grown, the time has come to move this activity to the community wiki.

    Advantage wiki: Community maintained, peer reviewed, and easier to maintain.

    Disadvantage forums posts: Limited peer review and maintenance (only forums staff and the Original Poster).

    This does not mean that the tutorial forum will be completely closed.

    We propose that:

    1. Authors post tutorials on the Ubuntu community wiki. Before starting a new page, search the wiki to see if your content exists and/or simply needs to be updated.
    2. The community assists in both migrating the forums tutorials and maintaining the wiki.
    3. This section should be used to support specific wiki pages. Support questions should be migrated to the support sections.
    4. Collaboration with the community. Other projects (outside the forums) use the wiki documentation.

    As far as outdated information is concerned, we would like to archive old threads as either they fall inactive or become outdated. Please report outdated tutorials using the standard method - Report Abuse button.

    The wiki that will be home to these new creations will be the not the site

    Help for using wiki to create new pages can be found here -
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