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Thread: Syndaemon locks tapping and scrolling

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    Syndaemon locks tapping and scrolling


    Since ubuntu's unity started to be too heavy for my little Acer Aspire One I decided to switch to lubuntu. Everything works pretty much as it used to (just a tad faster), with one exception - touchpad remains active while I type and there is no option to change it in Settings-Keyboard and Mouse.

    So, I tried to run syndaemon, but it behaves weird - it does disable tapping and scrolling (with -t parameter), but it doesn't re-enable it after the time specified by -i parameter. What's more, after killall syndaemon, tapping and scrolling remains disabled. I'm confused.

    Has anyone encountered similar issue?
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    Re: Syndaemon locks tapping and scrolling

    OK, solved it. I didn't put the at sign (@) in front of the line in the autostart file. now it works flawlessly.

    thanks to Walter Lapchynski from Lubuntu Official Facebook group.

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