Hello, friends.

I recently got Dell Inspiron 620s desktop for my home. It came with ST2420L monitor (Dell, 24-inches, wide screen). Graphic card is AMD (ATI) 1 GB. Both monitor and CPU support VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. I have been trying with the DVI. When I run Ubuntu or Linux Mint as live OS, everything works fine. However, after installation, whole screen is shifted to right and the portion which falls out of screen is displayed on the left of display. So, if I throw the mouse pointer off the screen from right edge, it enters the screen from left edge! This is the case for first run. After second run, nothing but a white screen is displayed. I cannot even log in. Using console by pressing ctrl+f7 works, but the display is as mentioned above. I think there's something not good with the x-org. Is there any solution for this?