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Thread: How do I "wake up" /dev/video1 (Easycap DC 60)?

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    Question How do I "wake up" /dev/video1 (Easycap DC 60)?

    I am using an Easycap DC60 adapter to input composite video to my PC. I use an mplayer command to view the input. The easycap is assigned /dev/video1 on boot due to built in webcam being on /dev/video0. /dev/video1 is there and easycap shows up in dmesg prior to running the command.

    mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:norm=NTSC_M_JP:output=0:device=/dev/video1 -vo xv -fs
    At first run of the command, I just get a green screen which won't allow me to simply "Esc" out of, I have to kill mplayer. On second run, I get a flash of green and then the output is displayed as expected. This is the case for subsequent uses in that session.

    Can anyone advise of a way to "wake up" easycap or /dev/video1, so I can write a small script to activate my video input. Yes, I could run the command, kill it, then run it again, but wondering if there is a better way?

    Alternatively, how do I test that mplayer has successfully delivered video to the screen, to avoid a restart?
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