Lets break down a few reasons for membership suggested on the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Forums/Membership

Helpful support posts
Ms. Daisy's support posts are always helpful, even if Ms. Daisy does not know the solution the post will help direct the OP to the solution.

Positive and encouraging Forums community focused activities that make new members feel welcome and help them find the resources they need
This is where Ms. Daisy really shines in my opinion. Other forum members will not see this but Ms. Daisy hunts down unanswered posts and dead threads posted by new members. Then uses the "Report abuse" button to alert the staff and suggest a more appropriate section of the forums to place them in. Often the thread will come alive and the OP will get the help they need.

Creation and continuing maintenance of high quality threads that inform, support, draw attention to useful resources, share useful ideas, and/or enable easier involvement in the wider Ubuntu community
Ms. Daisy's contributions to these pages speak for themselves

Ms Daisy certainly has my support in her application